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Train like the elites. Use their gear. Be part of the global elite fraternity. Privileged and proprietary resources now made available to the public, the selected few.


Help Every Individual Build Preparedness in Their Lives

To be the leader for military-inspired lifestyle in the world, helping individuals globally to building preparedness in all aspects of their lives – mind, body and spirit.

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Build A Global Fraternity Of Military Inspired Athletes

ELXR is committed to provide professional and authentic military-inspired training, events, gear and technology for your daily lifestyle. We aspire to build a fraternity of global urban operators who believe in the ELXR ethos of Physically Fit Body, Resilient Mind, Indomitable Spirit and Heart of Gold.



After graduating from the Special Forces in 2008, Steffan was inspired to continue serving the community in ways he was familiar with, taking life lessons from the field into the fitness world.

Having completed the prestigious Special Operations Force (Counter-Terrorism) course, he also proceeded on to complete the Ranger Course, and Class 2 Combat Diving Course. Through his experience in some of the most stressful environments in the SAF, he knows that building preparedness in any scenario or situation is key for mission success and survivability.

The former International Spartan Race Director, Steffan had been involved in organizing multiple inaugural races in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Saudi Arabia, traveling around Asia. He was also the Spartan SGX Master Instructor, and certified many coaches and the public on effective obstacles clearing techniques.

Steffan is currently part of the Gear Development Team for Agilite, one of the leading tactical gear manufacturer globally. They manufacture world class equipment for militaries worldwide and is the Authorised Gear Supplier of the Israel Defence Forces. Enabled by his extensive experience in the Special Forces, he supports Agilite with product consultancy to design and test high quality gear.

His first major civilian initiative was 2015’s Heartland Fitness Challenge. The event brought residents of all fitness levels in Singapore together to compete in eight different exercises, with the aim of promoting active lifestyles and building a stronger community. The resounding success, inspired Steffan to conceptualise ELXR®, a Direct-To-Consumer Military-Inspired lifestyle brand.

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