Special Forces Lifestyle

Special Forces (SF) Lifestyle is an attitude, a mindset.

The TactAthlete Fraternity combines functional training, team-centric and mission-oriented workouts and activities to achieve holistic fitness and lifestyle.

Our TactAthlete Approach

Train like one of the highest performing organisations in the world: Military Special Forces

Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness​

Life is tough, but we are tougher.

Our programmes are designed to train both your psychological and physical condition. We want you to wake up each day, mentally prepared and physically fit to face the challenges life might throw at you.

Team Spirit


In the military, the smallest unit is the team.

Our activities are designed to foster this spirit of Kaizen and camaraderie, and our TactAthlete community stands ready to support you through those demanding moments.

Mission Oriented


Dreams without goals, are just dreams.

That’s why we run regular evaluations called ZULU HELL DAY, so you can set your targets, track your progress and continue to be motivated as you embrace the grind with our TactAthlete community.

Our Training Programmes

Battle-tested and progressive training for every TactAthlete in the Fraternity


SF Ruck Club

Experience Special Forces Lifestyle Training, Events and Program. In Real Life and Online.

Monthly IRL Training Program


Build Physical Toughness & Mental Resilience, for the Everyday Mission in Life. 

SGD 300 / Month



Workout Wherever, Whenever. If There’s A Will, There’s A Way.

SGD 20 / One-Off

Hear from The fraternity

What our Comrades say

Neo Jia Heng
Neo Jia Heng
24 September 2023
Highly recommended to come and take a look. Well planned and fun military inspired workouts. Great experience! 👍🏻👍🏻
Brandon Wang
Brandon Wang
9 August 2023
Great place to hang out and chill. Enjoyed the workout sessions too.
Kwok Si-yang
Kwok Si-yang
9 August 2023
Amazing experience everytime I've been here, a small place tucked away from Stadium MRT that conducts some of the most interesting physical fitness sessions inspired by military workouts and pushes you to go just that more further. Its got all its own facilities, pull-up bars, boxes for box jumps and yoga mats to accomodate any skill level and physical fitness to ensure your workout is effective and safe.
Wee, Howe Min
Wee, Howe Min
9 August 2023
I don't come here often enough. Well-planned, well-equipped military themed fitness training sharpening not just the body, but also the mind and spirit, done by a former top-tier special forces operator. More than just PT though, this is a place that brings the best of the spec ops world into the civilian world, welcoming those with an independent, self-driven streak into the core ethos of special warfare - the pursuit of individual excellence and aggressive self-improvement, adaptability to unexpected situations, and a community of those dedicated to higher goals beyond themselves.
JAmes Leo
JAmes Leo
9 August 2023
Great trainer with very good training program. Scalable to each & every individual's ability so everybody is redlining at their own limit. Fun place to workout at.
10 June 2023
Very happy to have found out about this fitness group called ELXR. Through the programmes hosted and organised by ELXR, my knowledge about fitness and overall lifestyle has improved. After joining a couple of events that ELXR organised, I've also became more confident of myself and knowing what I'm capable of. Highly recommend you try working out at ELXR company line. 👍
Nathaneal Wee
Nathaneal Wee
9 June 2023
ELXR has really boosted my overall fitness and mindset towards keeping fit! The training is well crafted and becomes more rigorous overtime as one’s fitness progresses. Steffan is a very encouraging trainer who gave me many useful tips to execute various exercises, which I find very effective! As the intensity of the training increases, Steffan also spurs us to push on, tapping into the Commando spirit, which is the an integral part of ELXR’s training culture. As a result, I have been really motivated to push myself to reach my potential. I joined ELXR in late 2022 and noticed remarkable improvement in my physical and mental endurance since! Overall I really enjoy going to ELXR! Highly recommend!
8 June 2023
I'm grateful to ELXR for the well-planned workout sessions and engaging activities. ELXR is the perfect place for those starting their fitness journey or considering a fresh start. Drawing from his past military experience, Steffan illuminates the 'why' behind each movement and activity, making the overall experience both enjoyable and significant. Through consistent workouts at ELXR, along with the camaraderie of its welcoming community, I'm witnessing a gradual transformation in my mental and physical well-being. Thanks again!
Victor Lim
Victor Lim
31 March 2023
Great military inspired workouts and lifestyle. Highly recommended for those who never been part of the military, but want to experience a glimpse of it.


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